Title of the action:

Establishing a Sustainable Pangasius Supply Chain in Vietnam

Location(s) of the action: - specify country(ies), region(s) that will benefit from the action

Vietnam, Mekong Delta region

Total duration of the action (months):

48 months ~ 04 years (2013 – 2017)



Project Lead

Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre (VNCPC)

Project Implementation Partners

- World Wide Fund for Nature  Vietnam (WWF Vietnam)

-  World Wide Fund for Nature  Austria (WWF Austria)

-  Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP)

Project Cooperation Partners

Organizations, Universities, Research Institutions and Enterprises in pangasius supply chain

Overall objective: 

By 2020 the pangasius producing, processing and exporting sector in Vietnam is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

Specific objective:

By end of the action at least 70% of the targeted middle to large Pangasius producing and processing SMEs, and 30% of the feed producers and small independent production SMEs are actively engaged in Resources Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RE-CP). At least 50% of targeted processing SMEs are providing sustainable products compliant with the ASC standard to EU and other markets.

Target group(s)

-      200 aquatic feed enterprises/ producers

-      1,000 pangasius hatcheries

-      100 pangasius processing enterprises

-      750 small sized pangasius farms

-      150 middle sized to large sized pangasius farms

Final beneficiaries

-      Households and workers of pangasius production SMEs,

-      Workers of pangasius processing SMEs,

-      Surrounding farm and factory’s communities,

-      Seafood processing SMEs in Asia,

-      EU and other international retailers,

-      EU and other international end consumers

Main activities

-      Various activities involving EU buyers

-       Establishment of a model farm and training centre

-      Support to the development of the legislative framework.

-      Support on ACS certification for production SMEs

-      Training and in-company implementation programs on RE-CP, D4S and SPI

Estimated results


1.      Least developed 20 new products, by-products and technologies .

2.      Joined group of small producers to increase their negotiating power

3.      Improved legislative framework for the fostering of sustainable practices in pangasius production and processing

4.      Operated E-platform to exchange information and experiences between group of buyers and sellers, support transparency and traceability

5.      Cleaner Production Solutions from easy application to  investment support solutions for advanced technology (combined with financial support packs), sustainable package solutions

6.      Developed  by-product with high added value (some of them  can be linked with feed producers).

7.      Access to markets by improving brand name and providing knowledge of end consumer requirements

8.      Traceability/production chain along with  market search for ASC, Gobal G.A.P certified-pangasius.

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